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    Trust SRC Siding as the Expert Siding Company in Wheeling, IL SRC Siding in Wheeling Offers More Than Just Great Siding

    The right siding gives your home great curb appeal and functions to maintain the integrity of the entire home. At SRC Siding we understand that importance. That’s why, as the leader among siding companies in Wheeling, IL, we carry only the highest quality materials. Our superior siding installation and workmanship depends on the best products. For vinyl siding, stone siding, or James Hardie siding, we are the place to go for all your siding needs. Our design team can help you choose the perfect siding for your home and our expert siding installation contractors can make sure it fits right. SRC siding is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor so you can trust our expertise for siding in Wheeling, IL.

    Offering Only the Highest Quality Siding

    SRC Siding never cuts corners. To go along with the excellent service and professional siding installation in Wheeling, IL, we proudly bring you the best in materials. From vinyl siding to James Hardie Siding, we carry a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, all of which is the finest quality you will find. Also, as the James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in Wheeling, IL, we have access to the full range of Hardie siding offerings. By bringing our customers the best in siding, we can better provide top notch service to go along with it.

    Transparency with Free Estimates

    To be the best when it comes to siding installation in Wheeling, IL, SRC Siding keeps the lines of communication open. That begins with a free estimate based on accurate measurements. You will have a clear understanding of the costs and time expectations so you can manage your budget.

    Five-Star Ratings

    SRC Siding is known for the best service for siding installation in Wheeling. That is reflected in the excellent five-star customer reviews we receive on all the major review sites. Nobody brings the same level of service to siding installation in Wheeling as SRC Siding.

    Superior Materials

    Because we focus on being the best, we use only the best materials. Using anything less would be a compromise on our abilities and that would be unacceptable. SRC Siding will only use the top-quality siding materials for every project, so you can be assured that your siding will be long-lasting and look great.

    Variety of Siding to Choose From


    James Hardie Siding

    James Hardie Siding is known for its beauty, quality, and cutting edge design. SRC Siding is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in Wheeling, IL, so we have access to all the styles and colors that James Hardie has to offer.


    Vinyl Siding

    A common choice among homeowners, vinyl siding is a hard plastic that is durable and long-lasting. It is very easy to maintain and can look great on any home. SRC Siding is the leading siding company in Wheeling for the best in vinyl siding.


    Stone Siding

    For a majestic appeal to your home, we offer a great eco-friendly siding solution. Stone siding is a mixture of stone and cement that is designed to last even through difficult weather conditions. See our wide selection of stone siding with professional installation in Wheeling.

    Lap Siding

    One of the most common choices for siding in Wheeling is lap siding, a classic choice that is common on homes across the country. Our siding contractors in Wheeling are skilled in high-quality lap siding installation and can install it on your home right away.

    Vertical Siding

    For those looking for a sleeker, polished look to their home, vertical siding is a great alternative to more traditional siding. Let our Wheeling siding experts walk you through the benefits of opting for vertical siding for your property.

    Shingle Siding

    Otherwise known as shake siding, shingle siding was long associated with Cape Cod homes, but is now being used widely for different properties. Let us walk you through the benefits and possibilities of shingle siding in Wheeling today.

    For an Unbeatable Combination of Service and Quality for Siding Replacement in Wheeling, IL Trust SRC Siding

    SRC Siding Has Been Selected as the James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor for Siding Replacement in Wheeling, IL

    At SRC Siding, our dedication to offering the best service to our customers, along with the greatest products, has given us the recognition as the best in the industry by one of the most trusted names in siding. SRC Siding has been chosen to be the James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor for siding installation in Wheeling, IL. That is significant because our great service just got even better. We are able to provide our customers with the full range of James Hardie siding in Wheeling, IL. Join us at SRC Siding to see all that James Hardie has to offer and experience our exceptional service for siding replacement in Wheeling, IL.

    It’s a Big Deal for Siding Replacement in Wheeling, IL with SRC Siding

    Act Now for Free Gutters valued at up to $1500 with your New Siding Replacement in Wheeling, IL

    As your James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor for siding replacement in Wheeling, IL, SRC Siding is proud to offer this great deal. When you purchase a James Hardie whole home siding replacement at SRC Siding, you will also receive free gutters valued at up to $1500, complete with installation! You will get our great SRC Siding service, the renowned James Hardie siding, and $1500 worth of free gutters. This is an amazing deal for superior quality and unmatched service excellence. Call SRC Siding today for your James Hardie siding replacement in Wheeling, IL. We’re ready with your siding and your gutters valued at $1500!

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