Stone siding

Stone veneer siding is a popular alternative to traditional solid stone. It’s a versatile material, as well, since it can be used for decorative knee walls, columns or any exterior accenting you envision for your home. Stone siding is a man-made mixture of both stone and cement, which is used to replicate solid stone. Stone siding can also be made up of recycled materials in order to reduce your ecological footprint. As with all types of siding, quality can vary and there are even some stone siding brands which are entirely comprised of plastic and foam. At SRC, we offer only high-quality stone siding, which is called “manufactured” stone veneer, as opposed to “faux”.

Stone siding at it’s finest

One of the biggest advantages of choosing stone siding for your home is that it’s an incredibly long-lasting and durable siding material. With this type of siding installation, you can give your home all the charm and modern upgrades that stone can offer without the hassle of maintaining solid stone. It’s also a sustainable material, meaning that it’s far more natural and eco-friendly than other vinyl siding or cement. It’s important to acknowledge that stone siding installation is a particularly challenging process and should only be entrusted to a capable contractor. At SRC, we have years of experience with stone siding and stand by to help you with your next installation!

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Versetta Stone is in the color: Wainscott

Versetta Stone in the color: Plum Creek

Versetta Stone in the color: Plum Creek

Versetta Stone in the color: Terra Rosa

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