How can you keep your house siding clean?

One of the best ways to avoid having to contact siding contractors in Chicago for siding replacement or repair is to always be diligent in maintaining and cleaning your home’s siding. While the weather in Chicago is not helpful for keeping your home siding always spotless, the spring and summer are great times to refresh your home siding after a long winter of snow and sleet. There are actually some simple ways to maintain and clean your home siding, without needing to reach out to Chicago siding companies to do it for you. The good news, also, is that with some helping hands and the right supplies, you can get your home siding cleaned in as little as a weekend.

First, you want to start by mixing up buckets of warm and soapy water.  To create the appropriate mix for effective cleaning, mix 1/2 cup trisodium phosphate (TSP, available at grocery stores, hardware stores, and home improvement centers) with 1 gallon of water. This combination is perfect for removing not only normal dirt and grime, but also mildew or mold that might accumulate.
Next, you will want to divide your home into roughly ten foot sections, to ensure you reach every spot and don’t miss any sections. Scrub each section using a soft-bristled brush attached to a long handle. Work from bottom to top to avoid streaking, and rinse often. (For two-story homes, you’ll be using a ladder, so keep safety foremost). Since this process will most likely take a few days, also be sure to check the weather report beforehand – sunny and dry weather will make for a more effective cleaning and not ruin the hard work you are putting in.

If this process sounds too daunting, or if you are pressed for time, you can always consider using qualified Chicago siding contractors to handle the job for you. They will often employ a power washer, and while there is obviously a greater cost to hiring professionals, the job will be done quickly and efficiently and saves you the time and labor of doing it yourself. You could also consider renting a power washer to use yourself, but be careful – if you haven’t used one before and use them incorrectly, power washers can strip paint and also cause structural damage to your home’s exterior. Siding professionals have the experience to prevent this from happening and preserve your property.

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