Solar Panel Installer in Chicago | SolarWerks LLC Solar Panels for Home

Solar Werks LLC. is a solar panel installer in Chicago, who is designing and installing electricity-generating solar panel systems for homes and commercial/industrial businesses. Solar panels work by converting sunlight energy into electricity.

Frequently, homeowners or businesses maintain the connection to their utility (the grid) and install a solar system to generate some or all of their own electricity. A system tied to the grid balances the property’s load demand with the array’s capacity for generation, pulling from the grid as necessary, or uploading excess solar-generated power back into the grid… basically ‘spinning the electric meter backward’.

In most cases, we recommend customers base their grid-tied system size on the amount of electricity they use during their average load months, commonly March/ April for Chicago homes. This practice typically results in a system that will cover approximately 60-70% of the property’s annual electricity usage. Get in touch with us for details and an appointment.

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