cement fiber siding completed by OPAL

Benefits of vinyl & hardie siding

Durable Long Lasting Fiberboard Siding

James Hardie is a brand name o fiber cement siding. It is available in a very broad range of colors and styles, giving the look of real wood or other materials, even stone. It is such a good copy to other materials that it usually takes a trained eye to spot the difference. Like wood, it will need to be painted every 5-10 years to maintain appearance and protection. It is highly resistant to mold, rot and insect damage. It stands up against extreme weather such as hail and high winds.

Hardie siding is flame resistant, it will never warp or melt from heat, but occasionally can crack during settling. It is much heavier than vinyl siding, which gives it more protection for your home against the elements, but it can be more difficult to install, especially for DIY projects. It varies in thickness of 5/16” to 1/4” One hundred square feet of Hardie siding weighs about three hundred pounds. Standard warranties on this type of siding range from 30-50 years, but with good care and maintenance, it can last a century.


Economical and Versatile Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an economical choice that comes in many different colors and styles, it is lightweight, and easy to handle during installation. It is available with insulation built in, and when combined with house wrap, vinyl siding is a better insulator against heat and noise. The color is integrated into the material, but will need to be power washed once a year or so. With intense sun or blowing sand, colors can fade. To refresh the color, it may be painted every 5 to 10 years.

Painting vinyl in dark colors can result in heat from sunlight absorbing into the material and causing warping. Painting in lighter colors helps reflect the heat. This siding is fire retardant, but extreme heat or fire will cause it to warp or melt. Vinyl siding is lightweight and varies in thickness from .04” to .05”. One hundred square feet of vinyl siding weighs in at about 60-70 pounds. Standard warranties on vinyl siding are usually 25 years, with a typical life expectancy of 25-40 years.

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