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Key Features of James Hardie Siding

For years, James Hardie siding has dominated the market. This fiber cement siding is one of the most well-known and widely-acclaimed brands of siding – and for good reason. James Hardie siding is found in over 8 million homes throughout the U.S. The brand has received seals of commendation and recognition from most major publications and consumer groups throughout the industry. As such, you can expect incredible quality every time. There’s something comforting in knowing that so many other homes have made the same decision as you. That’s the assurance you get when you choose James Hardie.

An Investment Which Lasts A Lifetime

One of the primary benefits of fiber cement siding is its durability. There are all kinds of siding, and many of them are extremely long-lasting. However, most other types of siding also have significant downsides. Wood siding, for instance, is susceptible to rot and fire. Metal siding can become extremely heavy and take damage from hail. With James Hardie siding, you finally have a siding able to withstand just about any kind of extreme weather condition. In addition, James Hardie is constantly refining and improving their products. As a result, they’ve created sidings which are specifically designed for various climates.

Vibrant Colors Which Last

James Hardie siding is the only type of siding that offers their patented ColorPlus Technology. The first benefit of this technology is that you get incredible, vibrant colors. Pick the perfect shade for your home. Whether you’re going for a bright, modern appearance or a more natural wood tone, James Hardie siding has you covered. The real benefit of ColorPlus Technology, however, is its endurance. ColorPlus Technology means you’re not only getting beautiful color options, but a color that won’t fade with time. Your siding will hold up to any weather and so will your color. This will cut your maintenance and re-painting costs and you’ll love the way it looks.

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