How to compare and choose the right siding contractors

For most of Americans, their home is their #1 investment. SRC Enterprises understands most people only purchase new windows, new roof, and new siding once in their lifetime. Choosing the right siding contractors is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home improvement project. Although we understand price is always a factor, choosing a company shouldn’t just depend on price alone. Here are some helpful tips: Get at least 3 bids from different siding companies if it’s not a direct referral, take your time, plan ahead, find out exactly what you are getting for your money, ask for in-depth explanations of warranties, get local references, and check previous work. Finally, trust your gut. Saving a few dollars now is not worth the time and headache later trying to do repairs and remediate problems from poor quality.

With any major room renovation or remodel, you will need time for planning. Check out home websites, magazines and take notes on anything you like. This will help you form a visual of what you are looking for, which ultimately helps decide exactly what you want and you will be able to have better discussions with contractors and get realistic bids. Only call reputable, local siding contractors and have them detail the manufacturer’s specifications of each product in their bids. The more specific the proposal, the less chance of disagreements and dissatisfaction down the road during and after siding installation. Call their references, ask questions, and go see some of their finished work. Hopefully taking all or some of these necessary steps will help you avoid problems with your project and ensure you are satisfied with your chosen siding company, and your home will be more beautiful and warm before you know it.

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