How do I make my house warmer for the winter?

As winter temperatures drop, heating bills increase. Many people are looking for ways to cut costs on their heating and electric bills. Making your house warmer is both necessary and appealing in the winter months.  One great way is to add insulation in your attic, which nearly every home needs more of.  The minimum industry code for the Chicagoland region is R-38 insulation, which is the amount recommended.  Studies show on average, it only takes around 4 years to break-even with the cost of the insulation the energy savings!

Another way to “winterize” your home is to get new Andersen windows!  A common mistake is adding window film; be sure to avoid this step as it can potentially void your warranty!  When installing new windows or new siding, keep in mind a service door is very important to do as well, which a reputable contractor like SRC Enterprises always suggests. In general, once you increase energy efficiency in one area, all of the old items not replaced are more exposed. Once you have new house wrap, more insulation, and efficient glass, air flow from outside is slowed and the home is more efficient.  Since air travels from warmer to cooler temperatures, now more air infiltration will flow from the garage, thus the garage service door inside is more vital to also be more efficient!  Talk to an experienced contractor like SRC who can offer a free evaluation on what will make your home more comfortable and keep you warm all winter long.

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